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through design. OC1 stands for Only Curse Once. If you find yourself cursing even once, send an email.  There might be a design solution.



For example, this data center rack replaces 84 custom silver box in server power supplies with five three phase AC-to-use-voltage-DC power supplies on the left. 

This makes the data center easier to maintain over time as the number of spare power supply SKUs is reduced to one, and the load imposed on the landfill is reduced as the three phase power supply has a life of over 10 years. Furthermore, power distribution losses are lower with this approach, as low-distribution-loss 480V three phase power can be safely carried down the rack in the UL recognized enclosure that each power supply plugs into.


As Moore's Law slows equipment has a longer usedful life. This archetecture supports that life.


Engineering & Innovation


Licensed Professional Engineer with 38 patents granted means a combination of skills that may help you toward your goals.



Designs tend toward functional and ergonomic. I reach out for help when appearance could be better.



Photorealistic images can help you sell your idea, and credibly ask others for their thoughts.


Motorcycles are difficult to load into pickup trucks. They do not transport easily. Standard wheelchairs do not stow in trunks easily. With self driving cars, more disabled people can travel. Bringing the low load floor all the way to the back of the vehicle allows both occupied wheelchairs and motorcycles to be pulled into the vehicle using the motorized wheel chock. The rear suspension anchor points are patterened off a Tesla Model S. The rear casting shown in red ties those loaded suspension points to the trailer hitch transorming the rear of the vehicle into a truck, with space for a wheelchair or motorcycle. There is room for a motor on each side of the loading platform. It is likely easier to use a different motor on each side than to engineer a limited slip differential into the transverse tube. As I recall the concept was a spinning shaft with an electromagnetic clutch that couples the torque to both, or either, of the two rear driving wheels. The hardest part of assuring that the dual motor design would work was obtaining enough length on the green half shafts to meet the manufacturers tolerance for drive angle as the suspension traveled through the entire range - while leaving room for a wheelchair, or DIN standard pallet, to fit between them. Controlling the noise produced by the drive elements mounted to the casting walls would also present an interesting challenge.

The ray tracing software used to produce photorealistic renders can also be used to engineer rectangular display images after reflection off a curved windshield. For self driving, or tunnel use, the windshield opacity can be electrically controlled for sharp images. This story telling seating design lets children and tour guides tell stories with eye contact to improve connections, memories and social skills. The rear seat console that moves forward is a different way to use the motorized motorcycle chock.

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