We Present a Path to Clean Living


through design.

OC1 stands for Only Curse Once. If you find yourself cursing even once, send an email.  There might be a design solution.


For example, the current sensing probe shown here is modeled after a bird's beak. Inside the red and green housing is a magnetic core that looks like a bagel cut into two C-shaped parts. If you are trying to measure the current in one wire, out of a large bundle of wires, cursing ensues as the blunt ends of the magnetic core prevent one from capturing just one wire out of the bundle. The bird beak shaped housing makes that blunt end sharp enough to part the bundle of wires so that only the wire you care about goes through that center hole. We provided two different ways to hold the core halves closed, just in case. There are magnets where the red beak meets the green jaw. And an O-ring can be used as elastic on any one of the head feather shaped steps to firmly hold the core halves shut.

Built on these Words from John Wooden's Father


"Don't whine, complain or make excuses." 

An easy rule to say, but foresight and work are needed to avoid situations in the future that would cause one to whine, or curse. If there is a match, we help do that work.